KTS Customs

KTS Customs is a family business with the owner having 40 years plus fishing experience in river, stream, lake, beach & ocean fishing. All of our products are made in house. Machining dies, injection of plastisol for baits & pouring of lead for jigs/lures. Helping you catch the fish of your dreams, is our dream....Fish On!

The new InstaGator Bait has been researched & developed for a couple of years.  We have machined multiple variations till we reached this stye...any game fish will Strike! Made with the same plastisol formation as our shads, which many people know hold up to many fishes before needing replacement.    Matched with our saltwater scent formulation, the InstaGator Instigates a fight!  Feel free to use in freshwater or saltwater.  We do have a freshwater formula coming out in a couple months.  Fish with Confidence..Tight Lines!!

Check out our Custom Swim Shads, Mayhem & InstaGator Bait! Non Bleed Shads & Baits  are Scentable. Made with quality plastisol product our Swim Shads/Baits are Stronger..more Durable..more Vibrant Color! Plus, our colors do not bleed into each other! They have a more natural presentation in the water, get ready for your next strike!  All our products are 100% made in U.S.A.